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    Being in the industry of food – and beverages we have the responsibility of having safe, reliable and compliant operations. In production and in our factories we are very aware of the many opportunities of system and human error, and the damage it can do. For this reason we have set in place strict HSE (health, safety and environment) guidelines, and systems for personal safety.

    We make sure that we take into account people’s actions and decisions and how they are influenced by their surrounding environment, the processes they follow as well as the systems and equipment they use. By being aware, taking notes and being ahead, we work hard to redesign and improve different areas and working methods so that we can reduce the likelihood of any accidents happening.

    Caring for one another, and respecting the power of our machines
    When you see something, you say something - encourage and recognize speaking up
    When mistakes happen we respond supportively, and learn why they happened
    Everyone understand the knowledge needed in their positions, and the functionality of the systems we work on
    Not compromising our focus on safety

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