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    What we do


    At Fluidi Group we focus on our consumers and their choices. Our different products are created and aimed to bring joy and connect them together in key moments throughout their lives. We work hard to make our products available all around the world: faster, cleaner and healthier.


    Floil Oil – and Margarine quickly became part of the traditional and modern cuisine in our country. Quality is evidenced by the fact that Floil became part of the markets with the highest quality standards, reaching over 12 European countries and continuing expansion to other continents as well.

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    Double Force

    The first energy drink produced by Fluidi is the exploding and highly tasty Double Force!

    Produced for over a decade, with an amazing energy formula concealed within its composition, Double Force contains caffeine and taurine to help reduce physical and mental fatigue. Destined to meet local and regional requirements this energy drink raises vigilance, rapid response and endurance for its consumers.

    Double Force hashad success after success through itsconsumer confidence in this product as the freshness andunique taste has continued being a big hit.


    The original product and classic drink Fluidi has been sold, served and tasted for over two decades and a half. The carbonated, non-alcoholic drink from plant extracts has been a drink shared with friends, colleagues and individuals from all over the world.

    The Fluidi company, and the Fluidi brand with which we began the successful journey of production and distribution is close to our heart. With a variety of tastes such as apple, pear, cola, orange and lemon the Extra Fluidi brand continues retaining its composition – even after 28 years of longevity.


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