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    Who we are

    Our Values (Mission & Vision)

    In changing, expanding and re-adjusting we have found that making a difference starts with our employees, clients and through our product quality. Making sure that we focus on the people and their lives, so we know where we need to invest and improve.

    For more than two decades we have operated from a set of values that reflects in everything we do. We aim to commit to our customers, and develop a relationship that makes our consumers happy and leaves them with a positive impact in their lives. For this to happen we have found that our quality needs to be (and is) our top priority. Investing in new technology that is sustainable and that helps us source our ingredients better so we don’t exceed the natural boundaries of our planet, as well as making sure that our products taste and feel good for our consumers.

    In making things seamless, and in upholding our high standards we rely on our team. We know that our company can only flourish when the people working for the company are flourishing. Our company’s growth and quality is as good as it is because of our focus on their development, and reward for their performance. Fluidi Group is a group effort, and together with the components mentioned we believe.

    Our Vision

    Our vision reflects best what matters to us. We want to make sure we work, win and produce sustainably in order to do good for our community, our country and planet. This goes hand in hand with making sure that our quality is cutting-edge excellence in ingredients and our production technology is the newest in the market. We take pride in our innovations, designs and marketing, and it is important for us to support our local communities to achieve more.

    “Contribute to the world with top notch, sustainable quality brands from our local community – while preserving our heritage.”


    Our Mission

    Since Fluidi was established we have focused on providing our customers high quality products for the everyday consumer. We want to make sure we offer the best, affordably for our customers without taking any shortcuts or damaging our nature and globe. In everything we achieve we value how we work, and how it is all made possible through our wonderful family consisting of employees from several different backgrounds, ages, genders and religions. Fluidi Group will continue through love and care together with customer feedback, our team and investing in our products to make an impact and a difference in people’s lives.

    “Create and promoted high quality, great-tasting, affordable products for our customers”


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